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Girl with the fancy specs


Laura Galbraith is an artist and designer who uses her art to create a mix of traditional and digital art. A feminist at heart, she loves to draw strong female figures and letters, eat exotic foods, and obsess over her plants, and fur babies. 

Clients & Collabs

Featuring collaborations with local businesses, independent creators, and art enthusiasts, Laura the Gal has had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients. From creating custom illustrations for small businesses to collaborating with fellow artists on community projects, Laura the Gal is dedicated to bringing art to life in various forms.

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Exhibitions & Showcases

Her work has been featured in: American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Gallery Nucleus, Bottleneck Gallery, MF Gallery, The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration, Juxtapoz Online, Digital Arts Magazine, and on various other places outside and around the web -- just to name a few! 

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